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Storm the Charts listening 6


Gold Sounds – So It Goes
This song is catchy.

The Spills – I’m Scared I Might
I like the raw sound but the vocals don’t do anything for me. I am convinced this song would be better if it was just an instrumental.

The Banana Sessions – Jukebox
Already commented on this one.

The Band of the Eye – Why Are You So Awful?
I don’t have anything good to say about this song except that I like heavy guitars. The chords are generic and that’s a really… let’s say “questionable” vocal hook.

Yves Klein Blue – Polka
This song is well-written and the production agrees with me. I wish the drummer wouldn’t play double-time but I don’t wish that a whole lot.

Tough choice, but it’s Yves Klein Blue. Gold Sounds in second place. The Spills also ran.


Storm the Charts listening 5


Thieves Like Us – Shine On Me
I can’t enjoy this song without some more engaging lyrics. They don’t say anything to me, really. Besides that there is nothing wrong with it, though it’s not remarkable.

Bisonics – What Happened?
I’m not going to try to judge this song on only a 30-second preview… what happened, indeed?

Huckster – Wild Girls
It’s I IV until about 2 and a half minutes in. It does get a bit better later, but I don’t really like your voice. Sorry!
Are people still ending their songs with full-band fade-outs? Didn’t they get the memo?

Kasha – Black Rhyme
About time for some hip hop/R’n’B. Like many rappers, I wish he would stop talking about himself. Unlike many rappers, though, he actually does stop and after he does it is kind of likable. Some good lines like “trying to find heaven without passing away”. Good backing track too.

The Dirty Disco – White Room
Your song isn’t on your myspace page so I can’t even listen to it!

It’s got to be Kasha.

Storm the Charts listening 4


Crowne – Mexico
Pop rock. It’s tight. This should already be in the Top 40. My only complaints are that it could be shorter, and when the singer starts spelling out M E X I C O it’s very cheesy. Still a good song though.

My Drug Hell – Mysteries of Love
I like the sound, it’s low and relaxed – but the pacing is poor. There’s no build-up or tension and the synth is out of place.

Air Castles – Broken Watches
Upright piano and a good overall sound. This is the appropriate use of a dance beat. I ii vi IV is good stuff, and despite being mostly those chords throughout, it has a very good sense of progression; My Drug Hell should listen to this one.

Donna Maciocia – Fists at the Sky
I like this song. The piano and vocal combination is compelling, my only complaint is the compression on the vocals; there is practically no other processing apart from that, and the song otherwise has a pleasant rawness. It would have been much more effective to make it not sound like I’m listening to a recording.
(Was there any need to count the piano in at the beginning?)

Eileen Rose and the Holy Wreck – Strange
This song does not do anything for me. The singer is annoying, sorry!

I choose Air Castles. Crowne‘s song is more radio-friendly, though, and Donna Maciocia‘s song is worth listening to as well.

Storm the Charts listening 3


Cogs – Music Fan
He describes it as Experimental/Electronica/Pop and I have to agree. It opens with a really cool intro loop and then the singing comes in and I like it, and… the song doesn’t go anywhere from there. It’s not an intro loop at all, it’s the same four bars looped throughout the entire song, and the only addition is more vocal layers. It could have been a really excellent song, too.

Jonny C Goode – The Politician and the City Spy
A modern nod to the 50’s? This song is pretty good, the production is tight, the chords are nice and the instrumentation is a perfect accompaniment to the singer with the drums and bass coming in at exactly the right time. That’s all rounded off with well thought-out lyrics and some good singing.

Steve Shadforth – Wonderland
Not many songs start with a full-band fade-in! That’s a lovely synth pad, and there are some good vocal harmonies later. This one isn’t exceptional, the song could do more than it does (especially considering its length), and the vocal is a bit homogenous – but I think it’s a keeper nonetheless.

Golden Section – Sleep Eaters
This is my kind of music! It’s heavier than these other songs, and more electronic. I’m not sure if it’s just because it’s on myspace, but it sounds a bit rough and I’d love to hear it with some better production. Also it’s a little short. But it’s heavy and it’s catchy, and it mixes guitars and electronics in the right way.
For those who enjoy mixing Latin and Greek, somnophagi means “sleep eaters”.

The Banana Sessions – Jukebox
Scottish female singers are a rarity on the radio, which is a shame. I’d love to select this one for that reason, but unfortunately there isn’t anything else that stands out about it; the tuba is nice (and the organ playing Zombie Nation near the end is frankly amusing) but try as they might, that hook is not going to stick in my head. That said, I think if I went with some friends to a bar where these guys were playing, it would be a good night!

In my infinite wisdom, my vote goes to Golden Section. I think Jonny C Goode‘s song is objectively better, but damn, I just love heavy electronic music. Listen to Steve Shadforth‘s song too. Oh, go on, here’s a link to The Banana Sessions‘ website while I’m at it.

Storm the Charts listening 2


TrueBeat – Cherry Lips
It has a dance beat and it’s about a girl in a club, so you would be forgiven for assuming it’s just another dance song about a girl in a club. But actually, the premise is very interesting, and it’s backed up with a singer that plays the part well, and a good guitar riff. I like it.

BoxBoyMusic – My Weekend
I love synthpop! And this song is considerably more enjoyable than the usual club fare, but unfortunately it’s a little repetitive and it is still yet another song about going out drinking.

Amoriste – Secrets
Laid back rock with strings, maybe the vocal is a little loud and I really don’t think layering it over itself like at 0:52 is a good move; it’s very clear and the song is OK though. The new chords could have lasted a bit longer and come in a bit earlier. I don’t know what “like trading cards, we all have secrets” is supposed to mean.

Sykes – I’m the Optimist
I really like this song. It’s slightly abstract and while I don’t agree entirely with the vocal production, it keeps it interesting with enough different material and chords while still being catchy.

ODi – A Superman
While still sounding contemporary, it’s not over-produced, and I can listen to it without even thinking about a man in a studio sliding faders around. A good guitar/bass/drums song with no gimmicks, and the female vocals are very fitting indeed. I like the strings too. It’s not anything new, but I think it could be successful.

My vote goes to Sykes. I encourage you to listen to TrueBeat‘s and ODi‘s songs too.