Storm the Charts listening


So here I’ll put my thoughts on Storm the Charts songs as I listen to them.

Fleshcraft – China Girl
This song starts out OK, with the piano and a cool cello sound. Sadly it goes downhill from there; the voice is poorly presented, and would benefit greatly from at least some better EQ – in the song it sounds like the work of a novice. The guitar sounds very much like a General MIDI “distortion guitar” setting. On the plus side, the drums are simple but work well, and even though the chord progression is repeated a bit too much, it’s a nice progression.

Sex Generals – Last Exit
Somewhat generic. Why do all these bands play at such high tempos? If the drummer played at half the speed he could do some more interesting things. The guitar hook is also repeated a bit much, the song doesn’t do enough other things; even when it switches to the chorus, the same three chords are still there just with an extra one. I don’t hate the song though and the singer is OK.

The Perils – Lipstick Sister
This song is nice, the singer is good. It mostly revolves around A major/D major though, would be nice to hear some more chords. Also it’s a bit predictable – as soon as the B minor appears you just know D major is coming next.

Adrian Roye and the Exiles – Whatcha Gonna Do With My Heart
The acoustic guitar intro has me hooked already. The main chord progression is a cliche but the rhythm makes it interesting. I like the cello and vocals! It’s a catchy song.

Kamikaze Veterans – Twigglet
+1 point for electric violin, +1 for ridiculous hair. +1 for instrumental. It’s a live recording so unfortunately the sound quality is not very good. Also it’s very repetitive, just the same two sections alternating over and over, and the same chords throughout. It’s not bad music but it’s three minutes long with maybe one minute of actual content. Acceptable for barn dances, perhaps, but not for listening.

My vote obviously goes to Adrian Roye and the Exiles, which you are hereby encouraged to check out.


Radiohead cover – No Surprises


I Radiohead’d a music.



I am using the internet!