Storm the Charts listening 5


Thieves Like Us – Shine On Me
I can’t enjoy this song without some more engaging lyrics. They don’t say anything to me, really. Besides that there is nothing wrong with it, though it’s not remarkable.

Bisonics – What Happened?
I’m not going to try to judge this song on only a 30-second preview… what happened, indeed?

Huckster – Wild Girls
It’s I IV until about 2 and a half minutes in. It does get a bit better later, but I don’t really like your voice. Sorry!
Are people still ending their songs with full-band fade-outs? Didn’t they get the memo?

Kasha – Black Rhyme
About time for some hip hop/R’n’B. Like many rappers, I wish he would stop talking about himself. Unlike many rappers, though, he actually does stop and after he does it is kind of likable. Some good lines like “trying to find heaven without passing away”. Good backing track too.

The Dirty Disco – White Room
Your song isn’t on your myspace page so I can’t even listen to it!

It’s got to be Kasha.


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