Storm the Charts listening 4


Crowne – Mexico
Pop rock. It’s tight. This should already be in the Top 40. My only complaints are that it could be shorter, and when the singer starts spelling out M E X I C O it’s very cheesy. Still a good song though.

My Drug Hell – Mysteries of Love
I like the sound, it’s low and relaxed – but the pacing is poor. There’s no build-up or tension and the synth is out of place.

Air Castles – Broken Watches
Upright piano and a good overall sound. This is the appropriate use of a dance beat. I ii vi IV is good stuff, and despite being mostly those chords throughout, it has a very good sense of progression; My Drug Hell should listen to this one.

Donna Maciocia – Fists at the Sky
I like this song. The piano and vocal combination is compelling, my only complaint is the compression on the vocals; there is practically no other processing apart from that, and the song otherwise has a pleasant rawness. It would have been much more effective to make it not sound like I’m listening to a recording.
(Was there any need to count the piano in at the beginning?)

Eileen Rose and the Holy Wreck – Strange
This song does not do anything for me. The singer is annoying, sorry!

I choose Air Castles. Crowne‘s song is more radio-friendly, though, and Donna Maciocia‘s song is worth listening to as well.


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