Storm the Charts listening 2


TrueBeat – Cherry Lips
It has a dance beat and it’s about a girl in a club, so you would be forgiven for assuming it’s just another dance song about a girl in a club. But actually, the premise is very interesting, and it’s backed up with a singer that plays the part well, and a good guitar riff. I like it.

BoxBoyMusic – My Weekend
I love synthpop! And this song is considerably more enjoyable than the usual club fare, but unfortunately it’s a little repetitive and it is still yet another song about going out drinking.

Amoriste – Secrets
Laid back rock with strings, maybe the vocal is a little loud and I really don’t think layering it over itself like at 0:52 is a good move; it’s very clear and the song is OK though. The new chords could have lasted a bit longer and come in a bit earlier. I don’t know what “like trading cards, we all have secrets” is supposed to mean.

Sykes – I’m the Optimist
I really like this song. It’s slightly abstract and while I don’t agree entirely with the vocal production, it keeps it interesting with enough different material and chords while still being catchy.

ODi – A Superman
While still sounding contemporary, it’s not over-produced, and I can listen to it without even thinking about a man in a studio sliding faders around. A good guitar/bass/drums song with no gimmicks, and the female vocals are very fitting indeed. I like the strings too. It’s not anything new, but I think it could be successful.

My vote goes to Sykes. I encourage you to listen to TrueBeat‘s and ODi‘s songs too.


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